Saturday, March 28, 2015

my brothers soul,john davis

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My brother needs urgent prayer emediately. the devil has attacked him at his weakest and at this very moment he may be capable of hurting himself or others ,hes in alot of emotional pain and feels like giving up. please pray for him ,he needs his family in christ now more than ever

Fear / Anxiety

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Fear, anxiety, depression, condemnation, racing thoughts, suicidal. Help prayer please.


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Respectable Prayer Warriors,
Greetings in Christ NAME.I trust in your sincere Prayers .Please pray that our almighty God would positively answer our entire prayer request listed below.
1. Pray that God would grant us wisdom. Power, knowledge, grace, skill, talent and ideas to understand His will and plan so that we would be able to accomplish His Ministries according to His will.
2. Pray that God would remove all hurdles and sorrows from us.
3. Pray that God would bless us with His Presence, His Grace and His direction all the time to do His will.
4. Pray that God would grant us Healing, Success, Financial Prosperity and Accomplishment.
5. Pray that God would touch Joseph, Thangjahao and Benjamin in a very special way so that they would Love God and seek His will all the time.
6. Pray that God would control my Mom, Pineng and Ruth so that they would love each other.
7. Pray that God would bless our House Plot at Kangpokpi with all the needs and put it away from all problems.
8. Pray that God would bless me to accomplish great things for God according to His will.
9. Pray that God would touch all my old friends and new friends in India and abroad for Ministry partnership.
10. Pray that God would open great door of success in Ministries through Luke Park, Kevin Correl,Pastor Jeff, Pastor Norman ,Sister Christina etc.
11. Pray that God would touch more good friends for the Ministries in India.
12. Pray that God would show me the right Ministry for us to do successfully.


Favor in New Territories

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PEACE and BLESSING on the RESIDENTS... I am heading into new territory today and ask for the Lord to go before me placing peace on the residents where I visit. May the Lord grant favor, open doors and divine appointments as I collect all the info I need to set up free remote consultations of computer designed solutions in Jesus name.
Peace on Residents


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Dear Brother,
I am Paul Ranjith from Chennai. My Cosine Aravind an MBBS 3rd year student, He Mentally upset due to some love problem He act like a very angry person so our parents consult with the psychologist and they gave him lot of tablets due to its side effect he will bulky so much so he upset lot We can't able to see him in this manner.
Please pray for my brother. To recover from Mental and physical problem.



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I am employed as a Security guard but my salary is totally insufficient to provide for my family.Will you please pray with me for a financial breakthrough.Thanking you.God Bless
joel voges

I Cry Out To You Jesus

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Please Lord Jesus I Cry Out To You For Help In A Special Matter. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

friends brother hemoraging blood

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Please pray for both physical and spiritual healing for Keith. He has lost 5 pints of blood and the vessels in his stomachs have burst. Also pray for comfort for his family. There is great power in community prayer! Thank you and God bless you.

Protect Guidence

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Proposed law SB277 forces me to choose my faith or destitution. A single mom sole provider of six blessings, believing God doesn't make mistakes every fetus designed by His perfect hand. I learned that 24 of forced vaccines that they inject in my kids by SB277 was created via abortion. MMR has no moral alternative. We can NOT comply with this state law. We can't hide from it –affecting home school student. I am afraid. Rally April 8 as leaders hear the bill. Pray the insanity stops God protects my children and others whose firm held biblical beliefs contridict State law.


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Glory and The Holistical Love be to God! That the fam will be at peace, non-warring, and wide spread. Thank you. AMEN!!!