Thursday, January 29, 2015

please pray for my job

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My name is B.Himabindu. From India. I have applied job in ICM company. It is a christian organisation. I got selected. They said they will call 100% daily iam waiting for their call. Today they want to finalize. Please pray for me to get that job. They should give atleast 18000 so that please pray.
B. Himabindu

Lack of motivation

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Recently I've been feeling really down. I lack the motivation to do God's work. Please pray so the Holy Spirit burns with passion in me.


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Hello, my name is Michael. I am humbly requesting you to pray for me concerning a false accusation that has come up against me. My conscience is clear but I am very stressed by this issue as it is serious. Kindly pray for me to have peace of mind and that God would help me fight this battle successfully. I highly appreciate your help. Thanks and God bless you.

Relationship Help

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I need forgiveness for the sins that I have committed. I am in an emotional standstill. An old flame has recently come back in my life, and it's made me realize that I still love her. She doesn't know, and I am sure she wouldn't want to be with me again. I am not sure how to handle this feeling, as I want her to know what she means to me, but not at the risk of losing her friendship. I am so conflicted and I miss her. I pray for guidance and wisdom. I pray for her and me to draw closer and maybe something can come out of it. I know it's all up to God, but I need help with this. If it isn't meant to be, or if it is meant to be, please help give me signs and help clear my head of this sadness that sits. I need you God. I can't do this alone. Help me with her. I know seems silly, but I have never loved someone like I loved her. Grant me strength, courage, and wisdom to know what is right and what I should do. I trust you with everything.



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Please pray for Kyle and myself since we have severlly drifted away from The LORD and have backslidden. Please pray for our repentanceand faith unto The Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray that all satanic strongholds and bondages are broken. Please pray that The LORD gives me the strength to cut off an ungodly relationship I am in. Please pray for Allen that he grows is grace and in knowledge of The LORD. Please pray The LORD gives him wisdom and order his steps to His will and provides for all his spiritual and material needs. Please pray for Jamison, Jack, Tommy,their families, Kyle's family, and my family's salvation. Please pray that I get a new job and that I am set free from this demonic depression. I know this is rooted in my backsliding. Its a struggle to just put up these requests. Thank you and God bless you.

Grace and mercy

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Grace and mercy for myself , my families , and partners that we receive to live right before God inwardly and outwardly and for are worship to God to be inward and outward. Thank You and renewed minds in the word


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I am a home health aide getting $7.55/hr. My hours have been cut to 19 hours a week. I cannot pay rent or living expenses. Please pray God will intercede that I may get at least 30/hr a week. I also am having severe pain in my right shoulder and arm. God bless you.


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I need God to give me a job so that am not disgraced and mocked.

to live drinking & get a job

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I mrs. Mavis Dsa, having one female child 2 yrs.old, request you to pray for my husband 'Ally Dsa" . He is drinking & he has no job. He is in surch of job. please pray for him that god help him to live his drinking. & he may get a job. I am very tierd of him.I am praying. But its not helpful for me. Please I request you to pray hard for my husband. thankyou

mrs. Mavis Dsa

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


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Nixon John