Wednesday, July 1, 2015

problems resolved

Show that you care: 
Please pray that the buhhdist spirits that have been manifesting around and against me and wendy, are bound , broken and that the blessings they have been steering toward themselves stopped and released a 100 fold back in our lives again and instead,and the credit they claim because of You answering prayer, can no longer be claimed by them without Your wisdom becoming part of their daily life unto deliverance and salvation, amen YAHshua/Jesus

spiritual warfare

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Please pray that I, my wife and my daughter are protected from those, who attack us with evil powers and that they are defeated and their works destroyed. Thank you.

blessing supply and release

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Jasons computer and electric bike are broken, need staff get some customer soon, and is really short on money, thank You Lord to supply His needs, Sister spouse needs a car, and Yaya needs to see You do love her and answer prayer Father, not buhhda or buhhdism amen

perfect will manifest

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Thank You Lord that satan/the devil/lucifer is unable to steer his activists to accomplish his agenda according to whatever timeline of events that wicked spirit hopes to achieve, but instead the confusion becomes palpable within their power structure , and they are unable to dump it back on the saints, so that only by eyeball dominance by the enemy as the 2 beasts is its order and semblance of control going to get lip service, for I pray that the old adage the emperor is far away, let's play , automatically be the case for all managers in the Babylonian/mystery of iniquity system and devils kingdom, humans and wicked spirits, this I loose in the heavenlies and on earth, and ask before the throne of grace, that Father , the enemy cannot counter nor come against this prayer manifest now, within Your perfect will, amen


Show that you care: 
God, please heal Mom's legs. Let the doctors figure out what is causing the swelling and bleeding. It is so sad to see. Enlighten them Lord and heal her soon.


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God, it's a new month now. I might be able to move soon. I was told the apartment manager would know if there would be an opening by July 2nd. God You know how badly I need to move. Please let me be chosen to move August 1st. I'll take whichever type of apartment becomes available. That will be the one meant for me. Please let this dream of moving to a more desirable location come to pass. I pray to You in Jesus' name. Amen.

Prayer for family

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This is Nitin from Navi Mumbai, India.
Kindly pray for my following prayers.
I request your attention to my career, for a new job and in my business prospects.
Bless my little son, Ethan with wisdom and keep him away from all illness.
Guide my parents, i seek good health esp my mom. Help my dad in his business prospects.
We seek to buy a new home and car in the days to come.
Help us help our friends and relatives, guide us. I pray for my wife and brother in their respective careers.
Bless my brother with a good christian partner. Lord, forgive me, my sins and lead us in your powerful ways.
Guide us always in the direction i should follow. Thank you again for your wonderful prayers.
I also seek your prayers for in laws in their needs and requests.
Once again, I submit my career, son, family and our health.

In Jesus name we pray


Show that you care: 
Hi Prayer Request,
Please pray for healing from being picked on by females.
I was transferred to an all girls school which was very elitist and the families were very wealthy. Comparatively my were from a bit more of a humble background- so I was different from my peers. I also had a (very) bad and abusive teacher in my first year at this school. She was insecure and took this out on me and bullied me in-front of the girls. I lost status and the girls followed her behavior as she was the dominant adult.
I went from being popular and well adjusted from my previous school- to being shy, withdrawn and unpopular.
I also felt inferior and felt like I didn't fit in because I wasn't wealthy. I was ignored by the girls and of low social status as a result from all of this- and it has stayed with me ever since. I was once popular with females- now I'm unpopular, low social status and bullied. My school years have set up a precedent.
Prayer for my healing from these school experiences would be very much appreciated.

Thank you and God Bless


Favor and encouragement

Show that you care: 
Please Jesus help me to make my business successful. Please rain down on me favor and abundance. I know I can be successful Jesus I just need help to stay motivated and focused. Keep me motivated, uplifted, and encouraged. Please help me to have complete faith in u that u will bring my business to pass and not be half expectant that it won't come true because I don't want to be let down. Please help me to stop failing myself. Please bless me with the new dispatcher job I am applying for as well. I'm praying for blessings upon my finances today. Please Jesus help me to get rid of negative thoughts, people, and negative speaking, help me to confess your word to make it come to pass.

forgiveness reconciliation renewal revival

Show that you care: 
Dear brethren, buckle up with/in Him, the ride to September is going to be very up and down for the world and the flesh, and after that, things get really interesting , and no this is not prophesy as in for telling , it's forth telling, I can see it coming, just as the Lord allowed me to know when the 87 crash occurred prior, and 2008 by four years, this is coming on, because wicked men are tools of the devil, but our God is Sovereign, and all things work to good for those who Love YAHshua/Jesus, amen