Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Financial help

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I need to be out of my financial crisis iam going thro .... i am in my last stages where i n o longer can bear the debts , I love jesus and i know he wil never leave me .. but i have less time .. i need gods grace and attention to save me.


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need prayer for family Hannah, Michele, Johnathan II, Johnathan I please

thank you

Restoration, Relief, and Guidance

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Thank you much for all of your prayers. I cannot express enough how much I appreciate your prayers for someone you don't even know. I truly don't understand sometimes the trials and tribulations that some of us have to endure. I try every day and sometimes multiple times per day to release my struggles to God. I know he has our best interests in mind always, but there are times I really don't understand... I am at one of those places in life in which I am desperate for answers from God to know what direction to take in life. I am trying to be a good single parent to my children and raise them while working full time and another part time job. I am trying to have strength to get my son through a very difficult time in his life. Not wanting to be around his father, turning to drugs, and lying. He is trying to do the right things... lately, but he goes back and forth. I don't know how to do it all on my own anymore and I really really would like guidance. I am worn out. I have been in a relationship with a wonderful, amazing man for just over a year, but he has had a lot of trials come into his life during that time. Just before we began dating he had gotten divorced. (They hadn't really been together for about a year). We had a great 5 months then his mother (whom he was extremely close to) was diagnosed with cancer. 3 short months later his mother passed away. Things have been an absolute roller coaster ever since. We have been close and then he pushes me away. (He uses pushing me away as a defense mechanism) He gets scared to be close to anyone... I can't say I have been perfect and I get frustrated at times with the roller coaster and it is hard to maintain and be strong. I deeply care about him and believe there was/is a reason God brought us together. I have been praying fervently for God to help him feel loved and help him heal. I Don't know how to do anymore right now.I am praying! for ans wers and praying for things to turn around. I am frustrated and lost.I need guidance. I would love God to perform a miracle and turn things around in my life. I would love to be with Ryan and honestly for all of our children it needs to. They need to see that even though trials happen and hard/bad things happen in life. God still can bring together 2 people and create lasting relationships. All of our children are at impressionable ages right now and they all need to see and know it ages 20, 17, 15, 13, 11, and 7. I ask for anyone who can and will to join me in prayer to have immediate answers to these trials and prayers.

financial restoration

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That John and his people sign off on the deals and or confirm them in the way which allows Nicolas and his people to go and complete them amen

Deliverance salvation

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Lord i thank You for Your light on, and the Blood of the Lamb upon all participants of the C20 in Cairns and Brisbane, that many are delivered and saved, and that many might come to know you in those cities as well in YAHshua/Jesus name amen

grace protection

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Lord bless bless President XiJinPing and Prime minister Modi as they settle permanently issues between China and India, and bless Your children by the infrastructure projects that China will help India with, amen


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Hello I have a prayer request that I giving to God to fix and work out. On Sept 8, 2014 my mom was very sick and needed to take a meal to my brother house that is having t hard time in life. I took the car drove to pop eye's to get the food and dropped the food off at his house. As I'm coming back home the police pulled me over and said that the tag is expired. I got a ticket for suspend license I didn't know that. I'm asking favor for God to pay all fees three hundred and eighty dollars plus the ticket to be thrown out before I go to court Oct 14, 2014.

Job and Protection for Family

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Please pray for me and my brother Silas to get a Job.We are n miserable situation.
Please pray for my Parents safety against witchcraft.

Healing Prayer Request

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Praise the Lord Jesus...Sir, this sandeep masih from dehradun, uttarakhand India... kindly do the healing prayer for my father who is suffering from brain stoke, blood clot, Chloestrol problem in veins, sugar etc...
kindy do as soon as possible

Business growth and Expansion

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I pray that the Lord may bless my business with success. I pray for growth and expansion in my business exponentially . I pray that God may bring my way great passionate business partners in increasing numbers from all walks of life on a continuous basis. And God grant me the necessary skills to grow my business. May the glory of God be made manifest in this business