Wednesday, October 22, 2014

resoltion worker compensation claim

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I need prayer for resolution to workers compensation claim. I hired a lawyer and employer has hired a lawyer. I am getting written up at work more often. I have to go to a 2nd medical opinion with an insurance doctor paid by my employer with the goal of denying any more medical. I found an alternative therapy I will suggest. Can you pray God will show up.I have 28 years of work experience with the same employer. The insurance hired two doctors to stop therapy only looking at my medical records. I do not have the financial resources to take on a multibillion corporation.My initial workers compensation claim was denied, I did not miss any work but my medical is stopped. I am not trying to work the system. My left hand can not make a fist, I work as machine operator with my hands and I am left handed

Protection From Deadly Disease

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Dear Lord,
I need your everlasting arms around me: past, present, and future. I'm troubled Lord. You know my heart. You know the truth.

Protect me Lord. Keep it far from me. This is my only hope. Let all my tests be clear, Lord.

Before they call, I will hear. You knew I was going to call before I did. Bless You, Lord. I know you were protecting me.

Please, I'm begging you. Please pray for me. And please, if the Spirit moves you, do a simple fast. Just give up 1 thing. It can be anything for a day: coffee, sugar, 1 meal.

God bless you if this is in your heart to do and that you do it.



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Please pray for me so that i may be able to arrange for the money to pay off the financial debts due to which my whole family is suffering and also to stop these people whom we owe the money from harrassing us.

marriage with pradeepsura returned missionary of visakhapatnam 2nd branch

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my heart,might,mind and soul will be self centered on prdeepsura who is the returned missionary of visakhapatnam 2nd branch for certain as lisa fernandes will for certain love pradeepsura who is a returned missionary from visakhapatnam 2nd branch for certain in jesus christ name amen
lisa fernandes

financial blessing

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Please Father, Peter has a potential buyer of my work, let it be so, and that he buys regularly as well, Thank You, amen


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I have been with a person with a mental illness truly a rough relationship but we have a beautiful four year old daughter named Luna Green I am battling a restraining order violation because I took mommy in off the street when I found out she had our daughter there too. Please pray that this restraining order violation be dropped and that I get to see my daughter mommies name is Milinda Mahoney my name is Luis Green thank you God Bless you. Amen.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

good job before december 1st 2014

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I NEED FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH. I have being unemployed for 5yrs after my higher good going to 38yrs.i can't afford to pay for bride price as my fiancee family is waiting for me.i am depressed because i have prayed all manners of seems unanswered. Pls,i am losing my mind.i dnt know which direction to go.

Relationship help

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Please help pray for me and the girl I've been seeing Cady that she understands and god helps her to see I'm worth the risk

financial restoration

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Lord please let the deals/work with Danny and John, be finalized, signed, sealed, delivered, confirmed, and thence paid, amen

God Help

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Please Lord, give the man I love's parents a strong love for me, to welcome me into their family as their son's wife. I promise to love them and him with a love that always tries to reflect Your love. This was once labeled an "unlikely prayer" but You Lord, are the God of the impossible, unlikely prayers and I believe You have the power and love for us to fix every obstacle and to unite us together in a marriage of unconditional love for You and each other. In Jesus Name, we pray, Amen