Monday, September 1, 2014


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In the name of Jesus, Father God in heaven. I beg you stay with Austin, that you renew his heart and mind. Take away the addiction of drinking, smoking and anything keeping him from building a relationship with you. Give him the desire to want to serve you, read, pray, and to preach the gospel to his love ones and others. I also humbly ask Father that you give him the desire to be obedient to you word. Bless him with his job at Mid State Supply. Bless him Father in Jesus name I pray amen.



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Please pray for me and my ex girl friend that the lord forgives our sins. We made a mistake that both of us regret and now sh is pregnant. neither of us are ready for a child financially or other wise. We cant have a child at this time and we are asking the lord for help in this matter!


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O Father God in heaven, we praise Your holy name. You are such a merciful, loving, giving,
graceful, kind, and all knowing God. I pray that in the name of Jesus my Mother Sandra Cole is
blessed a with another vehicle, a new home, to be paid through state to watch my children,
that her body is healed. I pray You bless her Father with a God fearing man someone who loves her
and her children as well. I pray Lord that the lady she is currently working for Mrs. Clough
gives up the things she doesn't need to my mother. Bless my mother with all the desire's of her
heart. She as been a good mother and taught all her children the bible growing up and still does.
In Jesus name I pray amen.

pray for our son Johannes

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May Lord Jesus protect and give him strenght ang confident on this SPM examination 2014.May Lord always bless him forever and ever.Amen


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Hello can you pray for me and my (max holtz) friend Ben hanyes we are two young students who are very hungry for revival, can you pray that we would recieve a revival in our house and that it would spread to the churches and out on the streets please, bless you have an amazing day!


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i need prayers,im sick,got a heart problem,,pliz pray for me


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URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Hello I have a life threatening illness and time is running out. Its getting worse and I am hoping for a miracle.I have no more options except for God and I really don't have any support.God is my only hope.I am fearful and getting really desperate.I am trying to have faith that GOD is going to heal me.Please pray for me and please keep praying for me every day.Also please put me on a prayer chain as fast as you can.I really appreciate for doing this for me. There is no words to express that you are doing this for me.Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

divine favor from god

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Pray for the people throughout the middle east to find peace.Pray for the people in Africa to find better health from the ebola virus.Pray that I could please get divine favor from god(so that my three desires could come true).

Help me lord

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As you're aware father, my life hasn't been the best since the accident.
I've done nothing but pray to you, I do nothing on a day to day basis but cry and feel so down.
I need your help father, so bad it's unbelievable. I do feel suicidal from depression.
Since I lost my car, my memories my life has changed so much.

If miracles were true, please send me back to the 14July 2014 about 1am or anytime before 4am so I can change my ways and not get in that car crash.
It's changed my life so much since it, I'm losing the women I love, the women I was going to propose to.
That car, that little £3000 car meant so much to me, I met my girl in it for the first time, we spent endless hours in it.
Memories of the long journeys after work to go see her everyweekend. Please my father please give me a miracle. I need you so much in my life, I've always prayed since I was 12, sometimes I wanted things that were stupid but this is what I really need.
This time it's true, I'm asking others to help me pray too father.

Please my lord, I love you so much and have prayed so much since, please help me.

Your child, Kris.
Kristopher Kirby

Drivers licences

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I am a older driver at 53 learning to get my full time license.Very self conscious of driving when people around or feel humiliated learning to drive at this age.Please pray for confidence and peace over this.thank you