Friday, November 28, 2014


Show that you care: 

sbi bank po job

Show that you care: 
Pray for me to get my SBI bank job ,dear god I have faced many problems in my life .I ve been critized,hurted,insulted,avoided ,etc by all of them .though I'm poor many people always makes hurt me And my family. Not only others our relatives also hurt me.but I trust Jesus,I know he will make my dreams to come true .

I need to get my sbi bank job,please pray for me to get the bank job
(Jesus saves)
I m now facing hell please help me to get the job( praise the lord)

I love Jesus and he loves me.(amen )

friendship reconciliation

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I pray that Elisa contacts me and that we be able to meet and restore/ fix our friendship. I pray that she misses me as well and allows me to be in her life still.

pray i pass my third year of dentistry

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pray for me thavrin pillay that i pass my third year of dentistry.i have failed one subject.pray that my professors be merciful and that i be promoted to fourth year.pray that my way is opened.pray that all problems and troubles are removed.pray that god protects and guides me.pray that i complete my dentistry degree.pray that my wife shamantha have kids and that god be with us and we be happy.
thavrin pillay

Thursday, November 27, 2014

In need

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Please pray for me (Brian)for the following

Forgiveness/absolution of all sins

Personal/listed prayer request to come true

Great financial blessing

Success in school and moving towards my career

My wife's health and to not be taken advantaged of from others

That the Lord will bless and correct the people that wronged me


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God, I don't know Kosta Karageorge, but I need you to bring him home safely. I hear he had an argument with his girlfriend then said he was going to take a walk and hasn't been seen since. His family said he suffered a concussion a month ago also so they wonder if he could possibly be disoriented. The big OSU vs. Michigan game is this Saturday and he missed today's practice so the family is very worries. They say he NEVER misses practice. God I hope this argument didn't make him want to commit suicide. Please comfort him and make him see he is loved so to come home.

Legal problems

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Please pray for my child support case to be dropped, or that I will be allowed to make payment arrangements, and I pray for the court to decide in my favor, for the warrant to be recalled so I can return to work so that I won't loose my job or go to jail.

Spiritual Warfare

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Please pray that The LORD protects Kyle, Allen, Daniel, Walter, Angel, The Church and I from the wiles and agents of The Devil.

Psalm 51

Show that you care: 
Please pray for my return to The LORD. Please pray for my humility, for me to return to my first love, for my repentance toward God and faith unto The Lord Jesus Christ. I am a serious backslider. Thanks and God bless you.


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Thank you for looking at my prayer request.

Im currently doing my second year of study in chemical engineering. At the begining of this year my studies were going great until i started experiencing health issues. It got so bad that i kept going for doctor visits. It also got so bad that out of no where i was always tired to a point that i had no control over my sleeping. I couldnt even study because i always felt tired and slept. As a result my grades dropped. In addition to this i was also backsliding. By the Grace of God three months ago i stopped backsliding and became stronger than ever in the body of Christ. I even joined my campus ministries as a counselor. Sadly i am being excluded from school due to what happened at the beging of the year. Im very sad. I really love my course and i really want to continue. I just need supernatural help. I dont think God brought me this far to drop me. He rid me of my constand sleeping, health problems and backsliding.