Tuesday, July 28, 2015

i want to convert christianity from islam

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i'm Amad from Pakistan....I belongs to a Muslim family but I accept Jesus Christ and beleive that Jesus is the Son of God...........and Jesus Died for our sins.....
My Parents don't know about me......When they will know....may be they will kill me.....
i want you pray for me....but keep it secret.....you can tell this to your church members only.....please
GoD bless You.....

Protection Of My Children & family

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please keep my children and family in prayer. Asking that they all be covered in the blood of Jesus Christ and kept safe and out of harm's way. Please pray over them because we are living in a cold world where there is alot of hatred. But I rebuke the devil In The Name Of Jesus Amen

financial restoration

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Lord, i ask you to please take over my finances. I am in debt and dont have

Monday, July 27, 2015


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Praise the Lord,
Please pray for my father Johnson rodrigo who is having his judgment today in the mumbai court for a crime which he was trapped in. The case had been going for past 15 years and today finally judgement is going to be announced. Please pray that gods love and justice frees him from this long bondage. Please pray for the judge and advocates and all present today. Please pray for our family also to accept Gods judgement willingly.

problems resolved

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Thank You Father God, whoever is attacking the Chinese economy externally, and surreptitiously gets exposed, and all involved get deliverance and salvation amen
And that they are sent bankrupt immediately, especially if it's soros and or the rothschilds or other generational banksters , and that their money power and possessions are given over to the welfare of the saints, widows, orphans, children and the poor, amen YAHshua/Jesus

job for husband urgent

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My husband had a job interview this morning, please pray that he will get the job and start working soon. May Jesus bless my husband. Thank you

For my son Emmanuel

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Dear Pastor,
In 2003 our son died after 4 days of his birth. He was a full term baby. Three years later we were blessed with another son on 21st Dec 2006. We dedicated him to the Lord for his service. He is now 8 years old but he has memory loss problem. He learns but forgets very next day. He has been getting very low marks like 5 marks in Maths, 10 in Science and 8 in English out of 100. He is very dull in all his academic years . He is unable to catch up his studies. Kindly please pray for him.
when we see his marks our hearts are broken. All the class mates are bullying him.
My son also is fearfull to be alone. Even to the toilet he needs someone along because somebody in his class told him that there are ghosts everywhere. He has no friends and is alone most of the time. We are very much worried and our hearts are painful for him.
Please pray for him
Thank you

forgiveness reconciliation renewal revival

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Brethren, prepare, the 2 beasts of revelation are begining to manifest, Father have mercy, amen

deliverance and salvation

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Thank You Lord, that the Kurds unite, Turkey fails, and the genocidal policies of everyone concerning the Kurds particularly islam, fail dismally, and that the Kurdish state/regions, become and are safe havens for believers, women and children.Also Lord that the Kurds take over the isis/isil held portions, and keep them, and that those who are arming supplying isis , especially the west, are exposed publicly worldwide with their greedy bloodstained hands in the cookie jar, and many get deliverance and salvation, amen YAHshua/Jesus

Need prayer.

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Everything in my life seems out of control right now. I have some hard feelings about a situation. I am thinking of making some decisions I didn't want to make. I am in debt. I am heartbroken. I need prayer.