Monday, April 22, 2013

Emergency miracle

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Dear Abba,

I do need a job to have financial supports for preparing my journey. My dad is a cheapskate , selfish and egoistic being. He does not care at all but only himself.

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  1. Bless all who pray here. God be praised and thanked, His will be done. Severe, grave emergency for a miracle, breakthrough, divine intervention where all human agencies have failed. We are the only Christians in extended family on one side of organized criminals/drug lord/violent, dangerous. Legal authorities have failed to protect the children and aged Christian grandparents. Urgent need for protection, deliverance, grace, healing, truth, justice, mercy. A horrible travesty of law has been committed with the elderly as targets. We know God understands and a complete reversal of this harm, of this lie, of this danger, of this loss, of this trauma and stress asked to the glory of God and the edification of his Church ad the protection of the little children and helpless aged whom he loves. We believe for a huge breakthrough now that will shine light on the Lord Jesus to God's glory by the power of the Holy Spirit. amen