Monday, August 5, 2013

Relationship Related

Show that you care: 
I would like to place a prayer request for my wife Nidhi lyall who has left me approximately two years before in Sep 2011. We got married in October, 2009 and were staying in Delhi/NCR- INDIA.
She had falsely accused me, my two brothers and parents of doing domestic violence with her, beating her up, causing her mental and physical tensions, asked her to bring money from her parents, didn't allow to work and socialise her, always kept her locked in a room and offered food-leftovers at last when every one in house had eaten.
I am not at all aware why had she falsely accused me of all these charges and reported the same in the police. I and my whole family have been suffering a lot and don't know when will all of us be free of all these false charges.
My wife had demanded Rupees Ten Lakhs-approx $16400 (US Dollars) to wrap up the false charges.
Kindly pray for my wife so that she understands the meaning of marriage as laid by Jesus. She withdraws the false charges and accepts the truth in the Lord Jesus. Please pray for my wife so that her life gets fully changed in Jesus-the master of our lives.

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